How can a picture be worth a thousand words when a single moment is priceless? Every moment is unique and must be treated as such. No photoshoot can be predetermined; no facial expression or setting can ever be the same. Photography is a form of fine art where the perfect light, the right angle, the shadows and reflections, the fraction of the second make all the difference. A thin line, for your photographer in Greece to balance on, to never cross or overlook, to never step on.

Artistic Photographer in Greece

Photos are much more than just a bunch of pretty pictures, photos are snapshots of the human soul, breathing life in inanimate objects, capturing life into moments and memories. For that reason, you are strongly advised do be very cautious when selecting your photographer in Greece cause once the momentum has passed you can never get it back. Whether choosing a wedding photographer in Greece or a professional photographer specializing in interior design, architecture or portraits keep in mind that it takes a lot more than a fancy camera to be a photographer. In order to choose your photographer, you need to know what you want to begin with, be aware of your budget, check out his portfolio, use references, meet him in person, ask him to take a picture of you. If you are not happy with the shooting, then you will never be satisfied.


Every Picture Tells a Story

I am Dimitris Skigopoulos, a photographer by choice or destiny if you prefer. I began experimenting with photography at a very young age after stumbling across my grandfather’s camera. The camera was slowly turned into an instrument in my hands like the brush is for the painter and I began to capture images of beloved faces, family members, backyards, trees and swings, putting together stories from my childhood. Every leaf falling from the tree, every twit, every closing curtain, every tear and smile, every pose and movement, every figure and futuristic structure became my inspiration.

I began to seek the unknown and set off on adventures, to capture the unseen and speak of the unspoken. To tell stories…your stories with passion, in my own photojournalistic way. If that’s what you’re looking for, I am your guy!