The Artist Within

Some artists can compose an entire symphony with a ballpoint pen, others create masterpieces with a stroke of brush, I paint my pictures with the most natural color palettes coming straight from my natural surroundings, only with a single instrument, my camera. I like to become part of the story, part of the person or object that I am about to shoot, walk down the aisle with the bride and groom, feel the inspiration hidden behind a secret gourmet recipe, capture the shadow of a building proving its existence. Only then, for that single moment, a picture can convey the feeling, the essence, the stillness or vibrancy. Only then, a set of pictures can tell a story, your story through the elegant layers of the lens.

My Profile

Dimitris Skigopoulos

Web Developer | Photographer

I am currently living at Athens,Greece.
I’m a Web Developer at Mozaik.com
and a passionate Photographer.

Mobile Phone: +30 697 698 9534