The Artist Within

Some artists can compose an entire symphony with a ballpoint pen, others create masterpieces with a stroke of brush, I paint my pictures with the most natural color palettes coming straight from my natural surroundings, only with a single instrument, my camera. I like to become part of the story, part of the person or object that I am about to shoot, walk down the aisle with the bride and groom, feel the inspiration hidden behind a secret gourmet recipe, capture the shadow of a building proving its existence. Only then, for that single moment, a picture can convey the feeling, the essence, the stillness or vibrancy. Only then, a set of pictures can tell a story, your story through the elegant layers of the lens.

The Will of Exposure

Creating a photographic diary, a story, a memory or even a pause requires the perfect tuning between the transmitter and receiver, a synchronized dance between the two, becoming one for a split second. The perfect portrait of a still face, the appetizing image of a steamy dish, the dancing veil and moving sail need to be choreographed and rehearsed or waited out until the outcome is just right. This requires patience, passion and excitement by both the photographer and subject. Both the photographer and subject must be willing to go the extra mile. Eventually, that extra mile will make all the difference…

Strike a Pose

Through years of exposure I have come to realize that no element is unimportant, that details matter when it comes to photography. When shooting interior architecture photography there are certain techniques to use to create an appealing image. Still life photographs of food require a different type of eye and so do shots created for commercial, advertising and social media purposes. For portraits or wedding images it is important to understand your subject, use props, scout your location and strike a pose.