We served as Sifnos wedding photographer at Stavros & Mirka Wedding

I had an amazing experience as Sifnos wedding photographer. Sifnos is a beautiful island in Cyclades which can be a perfect location for a dream destination wedding. Although I was experiencing Sifnos wedding photography for the very first time but things go on perfectly.

We started with prewedding photoshoot

We started our journey for Stavros & Mirka Wedding by traveling to the wedding destination. While wedding shoot started with a pre-wedding party and shoot which were the best period for me and my team to establish a warm yet positive relation with a couple of the ceremony.

It is because I always believe the relationship between photographer and couple is highly important and plays an important role in making or breaking the entire photoshoot. While this prewedding shoot period worked well and I got better opportunity to know more about the inner soul of couple. As the best Sifnos wedding photographer, I believe knowing who they really are and what type of couple they are going to make is always helpful to create more meaningful and memorable wedding photos.

The wedding day

On the wedding day, we started our photoshoot from capturing the groom. In this couple, Stavros was a cool human being while Mirka was an anxious soul. Therefore, we always have to make her relax and calm so that she can enjoy her big day in the best possible way.

When we went to church couple became so emotional and the moments which we captured there were so emotional, soulful and real. Although we captured the entire event peacefully at the end of the ceremony, we make sure to take some beautiful couple and family photos to create memories that can stay with them forever. After completion of photoshoot, they headed to Fasoulo Venue to start the party and enjoy the best time. This was an amazing Sifnos wedding photography experience, overall.